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Right Business Decisions to Maximize Cashflow

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Online
Webinar, - ZOOM    Directions

Price: $125.00
Lunch Provided

This workshop will review the basic elements necessary to keep precise business financial records using easily available accounting software such as Quickbooks. Learn how to create accurate financial statements and how to interpret them. Identify the key numbers and ratios that can help you understand your financial results and how to use these ratios to plan and manage your cash flow effectively.

TOPICS to be covered:

  • Understanding Accounting/Bookkeeping Practices for a Small Business

    Transactions – the heart of Financial Record Keeping; Sales, Expenses, Bank Reconciliations, Sales Taxes, Income Taxes, Yearly Financials; Primary Stakeholders (Owners, IRS etc)

  • Bookkeeping Basics

    Double-entry accounting; Chart of Accounts, Establishing accurate records for taxes; Payroll Services

  • Your “Bean Team” & Their Roles

    Bookeeper; Accountant; Tax/Investmetn Advisors

  • Quickbooks (Intuit)

    Options (Online Quickbooks, Downloaded Versions); Ancillary Services (Payroll, Merchant Services, POS Sales Systems)

  • Understanding Financial Statements

    Profit Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet

  • Key Financial Ratios

    Metrics for Optimizing Company Performance

Your Presenter(s)


Elizabeth Ladu

With over 25 years of financial and management experience, Elizabeth “Libby” Ladu has reviewed and consulted with hundreds of businesses – small, medium and large. During her years as Managing Director in the investment banking division of two large European banks, Elizabeth has created business tools to help leaders articulate their plans and provided counsel to assist them in achieving their financial goals.


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