Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Consulting Program (Application Form Below)

Thank you for your great support of the Rutgers University Supply Chain Program. One of the most rewarding and fastest-growing programs for our students has been the Industry Client Project Program. Many of you have participated in the program, and we thank you for that!

Rutgers has made available students to assist you in your supply chain projects at No Cost to You!

Not only will this help you in projects that you may have been holding due to available resources or priorities, but it will provide a great learning experience for our students. It will also provide you access with a great talent pool of future supply chain leaders.

We would love to work with you in supporting projects you may have. A team of 5-6 students at the graduate and undergraduate level, would be assigned to the project, with a professor sponsor and coach. We are assigning projects for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Each semester project will have a 15-week duration. All projects are confidential where students must sign a Rutgers confidentiality agreement and if desired, a non- disclosure agreement with the Client.

The first step would be to identify potential projects you may have. Some examples of previous projects include:

  • Temperature Controlled Logistics
  • Assessing Supplier Risks
  • Forecasting Improvements
  • Disruptive Logistics Practices
  • SKU Stocking Strategy
  • Transportation Management
  • Supplier Segmentation and Catalog Analysis
  • S&OP Process Improvements
  • Key Performance Indicators

Program Contacts

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the professors managing the program:

Joseph Agresta


Anthony Taitt

609 -213-0233

RBS Supply Chain Consulting Program Application

We hope that you consider the program. Below is an application form to submit projects you may have. We would like to have our fall semester projects baselined by May 31, 2020.

Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to some great work together.

Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Phone Number
Company Name
Project / Physical Location
Project Title
Briefly describe the challenge to be addressed and project goal (attach additional pages if necessary)
Briefly describe any specific requirements that may be required of the students for a successful project (i.e., on site visits, significant data analysis, specific tools, certification requirements, etc.)