Great News for Businesses that want to Go and Grow GREEN!

Your New Jersey Small Business Development Center now have expert and highly specialized consultants ready to help you start or expand Sustainability practices.

As a small business owner, you can make a difference by “going green.” Even the most basic steps to incorporate sustainability practices in your business operations can have positive, long term effects on your bottom line, and contribute to your competitive advantage, not to mention the environment!

What is Sustainability?

In short, sustainability means examining and improving business operations in order to:

  • consume fewer resources
  • operate more efficiently
  • deliver products & services to meet the demand of conscientious consumers
  • in a socially & environmentally responsible way

What’s in it for you?

Sustainability – Some of the Benefits:

  • Cost Savings through Resource Conservation
  • Risk Mitigation (to price volatility & pollution effects)
  • Attraction & Retention of Good Employees
  • Access to Capital (Socially Responsible Investing Resources)
  • Innovation and New Opportunities
  • Healthier and Safer Work Environment
  • Competitive Advantage / Improved Company Image (supply chain advantage & broader market
  • Recognition and Distinction
    NJSBDC Annual Success Award
    Membership in New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry 

To take advantage of NJSBDC’s no-cost consultations, or to get help or more information about the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry application, email your request to An experienced business/sustainability consultant will be pleased to discuss your needs or interest on line, by phone, or in person.