Managing Your Business Within A Changing Workforce

Managing Your Business Within A Changing Workforce

This current pandemic has not only affected our way of life, but the way we manage our small businesses. This “new normal” has forced us to shift the traditional ways we deal with our workers and freelance workers.

As we navigate throughout the many changes our businesses are experiencing, we can also explore the options business owners have when addressing their employees worker’s needs.

This webinar will explore how to maximize your business productivity by successfully managing your business admits the changing workforce.

We will explore topics such as:

  • Working with freelance workers, 1099’s , contractors , friends, and family
  • Employment law, Contracts & Per diems
  • Workplace issues within a mixed status population of positions and titles
  • Remote onboarding. technology and handbooks
  • Other topics as they relate to the effect of Covid- 19 and Human Resources

Human Resources provides the tools for the organization to meet their goals and identify new and improved opportunities for change. We will provide strategies and assist the small business owner to navigate through these unchartered experiences.