Foodpreneur Recipe For Success

Optimizing Your Business Model To Improve Profitability

This webinar along with Q&A is tailored to new food entrepreneurs who have a great food, beverage or consumer idea or concept but are unsure of the next steps. This packed and exciting program covers the key ingredients needed to be a successful “Foodpreneur”. Participants will have an overview of the many facets involved with creating and launching a food or beverage product or restaurant catering concept.

“A Taste” of What Will Be Covered:

  • Before You Get into the Kitchen
  • Getting Your Idea Out of the Kitchen
  • Getting Your Product on the Shelf
  • Getting Your Product onto the Consumer’s Plate & into their Hands

This webinar’s instructor has years of hands-on industry knowledge that she will share with the participants. Some tools and resources will be introduced that will help participants along their journey as well as an introduction to the Foodpreneur business model strategy of MVP- Minimum Viable Product.