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Apps for Managing Productivity; Measuring Performance & Attendance Webinar

Date: Friday, August 7, 2020

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: ONLINE
WEBINAR, ZOOM    Directions

Price: Free

Apps are the way to go when you are on the go.   Have you ever wondered…

⁃ How you can manage your HR project while you are at a personal event?

⁃ If your salesforce is organized to bring in more leads while your sleeping?

⁃ The State of your invoices and billing while your on a Zoom meeting?

⁃ The Transparency on various departmental projects while your home schooling little Johnny and Jill?

In this webinar learn about a few of the many apps that assist small business in managing their company’s on the go.

Apps have become a Go To staple for many small businesses. We will explore apps assisting in areas such as:

  • Human Resources
  • CRM
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management

This webinar is designed to highlight some of the multitude of popular apps for small business.

Goal: To realize that the challenges small businesses face may be answered by the benefits of “mobile” management apps that work for US 24/7.

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Jinni Rock-Bailey

Jinni Rock-Bailey is the President of Rock-Bailey Enterprises, Inc. a human resources consulting firm. She is considered the best practice guru in the fields of Human Resources, small business consulting , and management training. She has created a successful practice through her ability to teach by sharing.