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360 Integrated Marketing Retreat

Date: Friday, February 24, 2017

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: 15 Washington Street
15 Washington Street, Newark  NJ  07102 Directions

Price: 150.00
Reg. Pirce $199
Breakfast & Lunch Included

The long-overdue transformative “growth retreat” that New Jersey’s small businesses have been waiting for – designed just for YOU, facilitated in a step by step and hand on development format; that will forever change the way YOU do things!

If you miss this retreat you’ll surely miss out of your wealth in 2017. The 360 Integrated Marketing Retreat is hardcore new insights, required steps, and activities you must implement in order to generate revenue in 2017 – it offers every opportunity and possibility to increase sales and your market share!

  • 2017 Brand Requirements (the critical required connections to generate revenue)
  • How to Increase Your Business (WITH FUNDING and WITHOUT FUNDING)
  • What’s needed NOW (required content, insight, analyzing and activities)
  • What to do NEXT (Data Informed Decision Making)
    Learn the math that controls your business growth, when to pivot, read the right trends, respond to consumer reactions.
  • All Things Marketing: traditional, online, digital and mobile channels: from creative, planning, implementation and converting and retaining customers
  • Required Marketing Growth Activities: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly
  • BONUS: A list of all the tools and support touchpoints you’ll need for 2017
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Presenter: LaTanya Junior

Special Guest Business Growth Expert

LaTanya Junior is an awarding winning business growth and marketing expert, she has trained over 1.3 million small businesses in over 65 countries. She has led business development and marketing teams to design and navigate business models that have generated over 9 billion dollars throughout her career and counting. LaTanya’s teaching style and experience unfolds like an Oscar-winning performance. She has development successful business models and growth initiatives for over 50 fortune 500 companies, thousands of jump-starters and small businesses, several universities, and renowned scholars and celebrities — including trained over 1 million small businesses worldwide via broadcast radio. LaTanya’s not just a trainer she’s a transformer – she lives by the proverb… Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man a fish and he’ll feed for a lifetime. The NOW & NEXT Steps Retreat… will feed you for a lifetime.