The Montclair Center Business Improvement District is directly responsible for the music performances, beautification projects including plants and decorations, banners, way finding signage, the Crane Park Market, and maintenance throughout the district. Working with the Township, local utilities and services and its renowned Ambassador staff, it ensures that the downtown Montclair area is clean, bright and in excellent working order. By encouraging dynamic collaboration, the Montclair Center BID also creates exciting events for shoppers and tourists, marketing opportunities for retailers and restaurateurs, and actively seeks to improve the area for businesses and residents.


The mission of the Montclair Center Corporation is to create a visually cohesive, clean and secure downtown business environment through enhanced services, amenities and physical improvements while promoting and preserving the district’s unique historical and cultural character. These improvements are intended to encourage greater business opportunities, employment and consumer choices and to further market this attractive shopping and leisure time destination.


Diane E. Israel has over thirty years experience in retail business, having opened an art gallery in downtown Montclair in 1987. After receiving a BA degree from William Paterson College in 1974, I worked in the corporate environment for ten years with companies such as Lummus Co., WR Grace and Chubb Insurance. After finding a retail location in Montclair, I opened a full service art gallery in downtown Montclair. In 1994, three other women and myself, formed a non-profit merchants association called the Montclair Downtown Alliance, an all inclusive merchants association that was the precursor to the Montclair BID. After my business closed in 2015, I was hired by the Montclair Center Corporation as an office administrator and social media director. My duties as office administrator include accounts payable and receivable, payroll, office admin, forms design and graphic design. As social media director, I am responsible for Facebook and Instagram postings in addition to working with WordPress on the Montclair Center web site.

Adding a SBDC board position will round out my experiences as an expert in retail management, social media and small business administration. I look forward to adding a new chapter to my life.

Diane E. Israel
7 N Willow St, 4A
Montclair, NJ 07042